UACL Freight Security Policy

Electronic version of UACL Freight Security Policy

  • Truck and trailer may not be separated at any time throughout duration of dispatch.
  • Truck and trailer with load, or any equipment, may only be parked in pre-approved locations when left unattended. Operations will assist with locating facilities if needed and upon timely request. Truck stops, strip malls, and empty lots will not be approved.
  • Trucks with van are required to place an approved lock on the back doors of any trailer.
  • Trucks with van should back trailers to a dock, walled area, or another trailer in order to restrict access to cargo. Units should be parked close enough so that the doors to the trailer cannot be opened.
  • Do not shut down on the side of the road, on a ramp, off of a ramp, or any area that does not meet DOT and state regulatory compliance standards.
  • Do not discuss your load or destination with anyone outside of Operations, Safety, or Dispatch departments.
  • Check calls are to be made as frequent as deemed necessary by Operations.
  • Observe the area you are securing the equipment in before leaving. Ensure there are no suspicious persons loitering or anything that would endanger you, your load equipment.
  • Never leave your vehicle running with the keys inside and with any door(s) unlocked.
  • If there is an incident, call Operations immediately.

I acknowledge that I understand the above terms and conditions. I understand that I will only park in pre-approved areas as indicated herein and that if any cargo or a load is stolen, it may constitute gross negligence on my part. I agree to make check calls to my fleet manager as often as necessary when in the process of carrying a load or on an out of town run. I understand that violation of these terms and conditions may result in cancellation of my independent contractor agreement.

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This document is only valid when issued by an authorized representative of the UACL Logistics, LLC (the “Company”). This document is comprised of confidential information proprietary to the Company Unauthorized copies or distribution is strictly prohibited. Senior Manager of Operations CML